Awesome surprise, Many many thanks.


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Brief overdue update

Gosh, time flies while lots of things happened, happen right now and are about to happen.
A brief update:
My PhD research is on its way:

  • Lots of interviews done.
  • Preliminary results from social network analysis and Bayesian network are analysed.
  • I won the Enviresearch Travel award worth £2900, which helps a lot to ensure some carefree, comfortable travelling.
  • Social network and Bayesian network data presented and discussed at Institute of Computer Science in Halle.
  • A workshop slot secured for the upcoming peatland conference in the UK in September, so I can present preliminary results and gather additional data.
  • Some writing bits and pieces in draft form, incl. the role of trust in science-policy interfaces.
  • Further workpackages – e.g. questionnaire for policy makers are in progress.
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5. Gimmemoor update

A long overdue update, but here it is. I will try to remember all the things that happened since the last update in August. If I happen to forget anything, I will simply write an annex to this blog:

– I am now an official PhD student of Newcastle University. I transferred Continue reading

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Brexit needs more participation processes

My new blog post on Brexit and the need for more participation and mediation.
Originally published on on 28 June 2016.

Why am I, a non-brit, writing about Brexit? For me as a mediator, Brexit clearly shows that people were empowered by their opportunity to cast a single vote. A single vote only. Brits were empowered to say something. Yes or No. Nothing else. But I believe this is only the tip of the underlying iceberg. What they seem less or not enabled to do, is to talk about their concerns, their wishes and to be truly listened to. Continue reading

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Brexit and my stipend

One vote. A few hours in the day. And my new stipend from Newcastle University is worth more then 50 EUR less a month!
Well, I guess that is going to be peanuts compared to further consequences, not just financially, both for myself, but more severe for millions of other people.
Bottom line: Fingers crossed that turbulant times also move good energies.

P.S. 22 August 2017. The difference is now more then 200 EUR less. But thats life and certainly better then nothing and a good reason to start my own company Impact Dialog.

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Peatland Movie – starting in September

Magie der Moore

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4 Update August 2015

Welcome to my newest gimmemoor update about my PhD research progress.

– In April I went to a local info event on our cities riparian forest and connected with NGO people and a professor who is open for a collaboration. I have also done an interview to generate data for a network of the local actors. Continue reading

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New publication on strengthening biodiversity science-policy-practice interfaces

BfN Skript 397_ Timaeus et al 2015_ Die Kernelemente für eine Stärkung der Schnittstelle zwischenRefreshing spring news: my new publication has just been published:
“Die Kernelemente für eine Stärkung der Schnittstelle zwischen Biodiversitätsforschung, Politik und Praxis.”
Lead author is Johannes Timaeus and the other co-authors are Ulrich Heink and Carsten Neßhöver – my former colleagues at the Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research here in Leipzig.

For all of you who know german or are keen to learn it.

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3. Update February 2015

(die deutsche Übersetzung findet ihr auf

DankeschönfotosAnother 4 months have passed and it is time for an update on my work and successes. At the end of this blog post I ask all my crowdfunding supporter a financial question.

But lets start with the updates:

– publication of my interview about the importance of peatlands for global climate change on (in german).

– I currently work on the following paper. Atlee, A. C., Reed, M.S., Carter, C. E., Scott, A. J., Vella, S., Hardman, M., Neumann, R. K. (in press) Tools for assessing ecosystem services futures Continue reading

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Time travelling

DSC_2037This morning it occurred to me that I need to make a little correction to yesterdays post. The right moment for a little time travel.
My really first interview was in fact a 12 min radio interview on Radio NZ produced by Allison Ballance. It is about my awesome study “object” the jewelled gecko, that I wrote my diploma thesis (equivalent to MSc thesis) on during my time in New Zealand. Listening to it makes it easy to graps what a passionate conservationist I am. ENJOY!

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